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Craftsman publishes  audio books, ebooks and print titles in the categories of fantasy, horror and stories of the mind.  We select our titles on the strength of the writing, their following and whether we feel we can do them justice.



Craftsman Audio Books was founded as a family company in the 1990s.  Craftsman's founder started in radio advertising and founded the audio list at Orchard Books working with many of the industry's best-known readers, including Martin Jarvis and Richard Briers, on productions integrating sound effects, music and songs.




Original music has always been a feature of our titles as important to our recordings as the cover design is to a printed book.   Amongst others, we commission music from the East Anglian composer Leigh Odlin whose atmospheric and unique approach adds a new dimension to many of our recordings.




Craftsman selects its readers with great care.  Not only is each one a highly accomplished audio book reader (a very special skill in itself), they have also worked extensively in theatre, television and film.  We look for actors who bring subtlety, nuance and, where it is needed, humour to our recordings.




From time-to-time, we make mistakes.  But we want to rectify them and learn from them.  So if there are any aspects of our work that you need to comment on, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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