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Mr Justice Harbottle

From the files of Dr Hesselius


read by David Collings

directed by Reggie Oliver

music by Leigh Odlin


The Honourable Elijah Harbottle, Chief Justice of the Court of Common Pleas, bloated and pitiless administrator of the hangman's noose, overreaches himself in condemning to death his mistress's former husband and, in doing so, sets himself against the sinister forces of The High Court of Appeal, a court that "sits day and night and never rises", in "the Kingdom of Life and Death".


Together with the audio book comes an eBook essay by Jim Rockhill examining the origins and legacy of the story.

The atmosphere of Mr Justice Harbottle nods to the works of William Hogarth and indeed his engraving, The Idle (Ap)prentice is mentioned in the text...

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