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June 2022 - the 7th and 8th tales released from 
The Complete Ghost Stories of J Sheridan Le Fanu


The follow-up to our phenomenal best-seller The Complete Ghost Stories of M. R. James.

The 30 tales in The Complete Ghost Stories of J. Sheridan Le Fanu are being released as individual stories, starting with some of his most famous tales, Mr Justice Harbottle, Carmilla and Green Tea. You can now enjoy The Familiar and, for the first time on audio, The Drunkard's Dream, narrated by the much-missed and brilliant
Pat Laffan. Click through the gallery on the left to see the release dates for the first 10 stories.


If you've enjoyed the stories, let others know by leaving a review at Spotify or iTunes.


You can also view the image gallery with photographs from the recording session and get details on our fantastic readers.

St Peter's, Great Livermere

Life, times, and Legacy

Marking the release of the first Le Fanu ghost stories on audio, a fascinating interview with Reggie Oliver on Ireland's Newstalk Radio discussing the importantance of Le Fanu's work and the context in which it was created.

M. R. James on J. S. Le Fanu
M. R. James was influenced by Le Fanu's supernatural writings. Read some of the Eton Provost's observations on his illustrious predecessor.
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Meet some of the extraordinary
people involved in the production of
The Complete Ghost stories of 

J. Sheridan Le Fanu
Meet Mr Smith
Mr Smith is the Mysterious Lodger in the Le Fanu story of the same name.  The character, wonderfully illustrated by Steinar Lund, appears on the cover of the 8 volumes of the recording.  In each, he brandishes an unsettling object evoking one of the narratives. 
Le Fanu the flames
Visit the facebook page of LeFanu200, set up in the 200th Anniversary year of Le Fanu's birth by our consultant Jim Rockhill and writer-publisher Brian Showers. It's a meeting place for everyone interested in Le Fanu's life and works.
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